A completely off the wall experience, and one I found absolutely delightful.

united states, 1964, english


Babo 73

More of a series of political science theatre sketches than any kind of coherent film experience. Still, I loved this oddball work of satire. It tells the story of a fictional future president of the “United Status,” through disconnected vignettes of insanity. There’s the assassination of the ambassador of Luxembourg, the abandoning of a disarmament agreement with Albania, worry over the Red Siamese, and a bunch of other nonsense that never really coalesces into anything, but remains absolutely delightful. What brings the entire thing together is the phenomenal acting job done by President Sandy Studsbury, played by Taylor Mead. Apparently Downey Sr. built the entire film around Mead, and you can really tell. He does a brilliant job of appearing completely overwhelmed. What an absurd way to start a set that I think I’m really going to enjoy.