A podcast about trading films with friends. Each month I choose a film for a friend to watch and they choose one for me. Then we discuss. Two episodes a month, first my choice and then theirs. Subscribe via iTunes or Overcast.

My guest for this month is Jessie Char, and she’s joined me to discuss the film I chose for her, the 1929 Pre-Code musical comedy The Love Parade. You can follow the show on Twitter @cinemagadfly.

Show notes:

  • Ernst Lubitsch was nominated for three Academy Awards, including for this film
  • Maurice Chevalier was a very, very French man
  • The queen was played by the very talented Jeanette MacDonald
  • The Listicle is an article format that allows for quick writing, often without much thought
  • The song that Jessie describes as being an adult version of Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty is called Dream Lover
  • The Hays Code made it impossible to make a film as irreverent about adult themes as this one
  • The song where they’re signing goodbye to Paris is called Paris, Stay the Same
  • Unlike, say, The Sixth Sense, this movie can’t really be spoiled
  • It cannot be overstated, that this film has virtually nothing in common with the Larry Clark film Kids. Except in the way that it does
  • The song about being common is called Let’s Be Common
  • If only Maurice Chevalier could have had an iPad and the Internet
  • Harrison Ford as Han Solo says and does some things that would come off as super creepy if done by almost anyone else
  • Bill Hader could have done a phenomenal Maurice Chevalier impression on Saturday Night Live
  • Lupino Lane, who plays Chevalier’s French servant, was in fact a very British man
  • Perhaps this film isn’t a strong example of Second-wave feminism
  • On the other hand, maybe it is an example of Third-wave feminism
  • Maurice Chevalier was born in 1888, which means he’d be 127 today
  • The iPhone 6S Plus shoots native 4K video, which is capable of fully reproducing the quality of 35MM film
  • Jessie’s website is a website

This film is really only available as part of the Eclipse Series 8: Lubitsch Musicals set from Criterion, which you can also buy from Amazon