I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I think it’s possible one or two of these people might have been on some drugs here.

united states, 1978, english


The Last Waltz

As I’ll discuss in far more detail for my year ending post, 2022 has been rough for finding time to watch these films. An equally big problem is finding the time to write. Writing requires thinking and presence and patience and time. All of those have been in super limited quantities of late.

I’ve harped on and on about that this year, but only because it’s so true. I have found scant time to watch and then less time to think and then no time to write. I watched this film almost a week ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love concert documentaries and I love a lot of the musicians and songs presented in this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it but spent almost literally no other time contemplating it.

I therefore have almost nothing to say. Mostly what I have are impressions. Neil Young is so damn high during this it’s uncomfortable to watch. Things like that. It’s an incredible document to have of what has always seemed like a super fun time period. Getting to see just a bit of what that part of San Francisco looked like back then is a bonus. Mostly I like to imagine myself at a 9+ hour concert, blissed out of my mind.