Hoo boy this is an absolute mess. Pretty but signifying nothing.

united states, 1971, english


A Safe Place

This was unappealing enough to me, that I will admit I didn’t give it my full attention. After a while I just sort of had it on, in the background. This is definitely not a movie you can just have on in the background, at least if you want to have any real sense of what’s happening. But, that’s exactly it, I didn’t care what was happening.

This is the story of a traumatized young women who is dating two men, and isn’t really happy with either. That’s about all I got from the plot. The entire thing is told in brief moments, from different time periods, going from one period to another in an attempt at extreme match cut cinema. It’s maddeningly hard to follow, but could be worth it if the plot inspired interest.

This most definitely did not inspire my interest. Mainly what it made me think about is how much unappealing behavior some people are willing to overlook in someone they find attractive enough. The main guy that Noah is dating surely realizes she’s a bit... off... from the moment they first meet. But he ignores it, because she’s beautiful, and he wants to be with her.

That held a bit of interest, as did some of the Jack Nicholson moments. Otherwise this was another miss in this box set for me. I didn’t hate it as much as I did Drive, He Said, but it definitely felt like a minor work included purely for the meta-narrative the box set is trying to tell about BBS. Oh well. At least it was very, very pretty.