This is so boring. There are a couple of great scenes, full of vinegar, but the rest is such a chore.

united kingdom, 1934, english


The Rise of Catherine the Great

Welcome back to one of my least favorite corners. That is, the one where I watched a film longer ago than normal, and thus have lost whatever fragment of an idea of what to say about it. Still, we press forward, doing our best.

In this case, to be honest, there wasn’t much to lose. That’s because I don’t have much to say about this movie. It’s... fine. It’s honestly very boring, with a few moments of real intensity between the leads. Other than that, it just plods on from start to finish. There just isn’t much here to talk or think about anyway.

That’s ok. The costumes were pretty and the few fun scenes were, well, fun. Sometimes that’s all you get. A lot of the joy of this project is in trying new things and seeing what they bring. Sometimes they bring the most wondrous experiences in cinema excellence. Sometimes, they bring this. The wheel turns ever onwards.