A podcast about trading films with friends. Each month I choose a film for a friend to watch and they choose one for me. Then we discuss. Two episodes a month, first my choice and then theirs. Subscribe via iTunes or Overcast.

My guest for this month is Maja Henderson, and she’s joined me to discuss the film I chose for her, the 1955 romance film All That Heaven Allows. You can follow the show on Twitter @cinemagadfly.

Show notes:

  • My original thoughts on All That Heaven Allows
  • Technicolor is a chemical color process for film that produces a beautiful and very distinctive look
  • Bingo isn’t really a drinking game, but it is fun
  • A trope is a commonly recurring literary device, in this case that of love fighting disapproval
  • Jane Wyman absolutely kills it in this film as the main character Cary
  • Rock Hudson was a freakishly good looking man
  • It’s true, soap operas have nothing to do with this film
  • The Hays Code meant that everyone in a film plot had to be married or engaged at all times
  • Cary’s terrible son Ned is played by the old looking William Reynolds
  • Her daughter Kay is played by the Rachael Leigh Cook precursor Gloria Talbott
  • Conrad Nagel, who played Cary’s other suitor Harvey, was actually age appropriate for his role
  • Rock Hudson’s Ron is definitely something of a Beatnik
  • He might also be an early proponent of negging, as explained in the terrible book The Game
  • I’m using normative as a slightly pejorative term
  • For films involving couples kissing for the first time as they get engaged, watch any of the British films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • Chianti comes in a very distinctive bottle
  • Rock Hudson’s Ron is not just a Beatnik, but also living a very Bohemian lifestyle
  • New German Cinema director Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s homage/remake Angst essen Seele auf came out in 1974

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