A podcast about trading films with friends. Each month I choose a film for a friend to watch and they choose one for me. Then we discuss. Two episodes a month, first my choice and then theirs. Subscribe via iTunes or Overcast.

My guest for this month is Patrick Gibson, and he’s joined me to discuss the film he chose for me, the 2009 science fiction drama film Moon. You can follow the show on Twitter @cinemagadfly.

Show notes:

  • This film was co-written and directed by the former Zowie Bowie, Duncan Jones
  • It stars the delightful Sam Rockwell, with voice acting from the also delightful Kevin Spacey
  • We recorded this episode right after the sad passing of Jones' father, David Bowie
  • I watched this film via a Blu-ray that was given to me by former guest of the show Jake Desaulniers
  • The music was composed by Clint Mansell, who has also scored a bunch of Darren Aronofsky films
  • I still maintain that Steve Jobs is the reason my internet was being flaky
  • Daren Arinofsky isn’t Paul Thomas Anderson, thank goodness
  • Mallrats cost $6 millon to make, whereas Clerks cost $27,575. This film cost $5 million
  • There were two slogans for this film, both are very much like what I remembered
  • I haven’t seen Matt Damon in The Martian because I rarely see new films. It cost $108 million to make
  • Here at Cinema Gadfly, we recognize former guest Serenity Caldwell as our official French pronunciation expert
  • It’s way beyond the powers of a one line note to explain set theory. It’s very cool though
  • I wouldn’t watch a television sequel staring Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher. On that point I’m pretty confident
  • This film owns a lot to 2001: A Space Odyssey, in really great ways
  • The Three Laws of Robotics are followed fairly closely in this film
  • Another reminder that Patrick’s wife Maja appeared in two great episodes of this very show
  • I’ll admit that I haven’t actually watched K-PAX. Maybe it’s a great film?
  • Firewatch may not have come out last Tuesday, but it’s a phenomenal game everyone should play
  • Bon Iver’s first album was recorded in singer Justin Vernon’s father’s remote Wisconsin hunting cabin
  • It’s no longer current, but the piece on Apple I mention is still up on Patrick’s awesome site
  • Patrick and Maja are currently traveling around the world, while writing about it. It’s an awesome way to learn about a bunch of interesting places, and see a bunch of cool photos

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