I watched the fewest films since this project began, but I still found a tremendous amount of value in doing it. I’m excited to see what cinematic experiences I have next year.



In some ways 2021 feels like two different years stitched together. For most of the first half I was unexpectedly still in Europe, and really it feels just like an extended version of 2020. My 2021 begins in May when I got vaccinated. Life didn’t return to anything like “normal", but things got a bit less terrifying.

Because of that 2021 feels like it went by extremely fast. It’s hard to believe it’s really the last day before 2022, and yet here we are. It probably doesn’t help things that I have a toddler, a very pregnant wife, and another kid whose arrival is fairly imminent.

2021 was the year my son went from being a baby to a kid. He’s suddenly able to convey all the fascinating thoughts in his adorably tiny head, and I am so very here for it. So much of my life is wrapped up in going on adventures with him, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the same time, I’m about to embark on the whole rollercoaster all over again. I’m terrified and excited in equal measure. I don’t know much about popular culture, but I can tell you a whole lot about dinosaurs. It’s been a weird long year. I’m hopeful about 2022, but I’m also just taking things day-by-day. My year is going to be mostly about changing diapers and playing with a Giganotosaurus. I’m here for it.